NEMA Definitions

ODP - Open Drip Proof; (IEC Equivalent: IP22,23)

WPI - Weather Protected Type 1 is an Open type motor with ventilation screens and an internal epoxy coating.

WPII - Same as WPI except intake-air must make two right angle turns, at low velocity, to eliminate smaller particles.

TEFC - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled; (IEC Equivalent: IP44,54,55)

XPFC - Explosion Proof Fan Cooled, also TEXP by others; (IEC related offering: Flameproof EExd)

TE(XP)NV - Non-Ventilated; does not require external cooling

TEAO - Air Over; requires external cooling

TEBC - Blower Cooled; has external separately powered blower/motor

TEAAC - Air to Air Cooled; has air to air heat exchanger, aka. TETC (Tube Cooled), TEDC-AA (Dual Cooled)

TEWAC - Water to Air Cooled; has water to air heat exchanger, aka, TEWC (Water Cooled), TEDC-AW (Dual Cooled)